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Moody's подтвердило рейтинговые оценки АО Нурбанк (Казахстан), прогноз Стабильный

Дата: 01 февраля 2011 в 11:10

/Moody's Investors Service, Москва, 28.01.11, перевод и заголовок KASE/ — Рейтинговое агентство Moody's Investors Service подтвердило сегодня рейтинг финансовой устойчивости АО «Нурбанк» («BFSR») на уровне E+, рейтинги долгосрочных и краткосрочных депозитов в местной и иностранной валюте на уровне B3/Not Prime и рейтинги старшего необеспеченного долга в местной и иностранной валюте АО «Нурбанк» на уровне B3. Прогноз по всем рейтингам международного уровня — «Стабильный». Ниже приводится оригинальный текст сообщения Moody's на английском языке. B3 senior unsecured local and foreign currency debt ratings also affirmed Moscow, January 28, 2011 — Moody's Investors Service has today affirmed the E+ bank financial strength rating («BFSR»), B3/Not Prime long-term and short-term local and foreign currency deposit ratings, and the B3 senior unsecured local and foreign currency debt ratings of Nurbank. The outlook on all of the global scale ratings is stable. RATINGS RATIONALE Moody's ratings affirmation follows: (i) Nurbank's acknowledgement of severe deterioration in its loan book, with the level of bad loans approaching half of the loan book as at end-December 2010 under unaudited local accounting standards (comparing with 23.1 % reported in 2009 audited financial statements under IFRS), and (ii) a more than threefold increase in Nurbank's Tier 1 capital following a USD650 million capital injection, which the bank's shareholders completed by the end of 2010. Moody's notes that although the capital injection enabled Nurbank to improve its deficient loan loss reserves (which consequently grew to 42% of the loan book as at end-December 2010), the bank's creditworthiness still faces other challenges, such as: (i) weak asset quality, with most loans being restructured over the past two years, (ii) high industry concentration on the construction and real estate sectors, which exceeds 1.7x of Tier 1 capital and might hamper asset recovery as a result of conservative growth expectations for these markets in the medium term, (iii) weak revenue generation capacity, and (iv) high funding concentration (funds of the 20 largest depositors accounted for more than half of the bank's liabilities in 2010). Moody's explained that Nurbank's ratings have limited upward potential in the medium term. Any revision of the outlook to positive from stable would require a notable strengthening of the bank's asset quality and sustainable reduction in risk concentrations in the assets and liabilities. Conversely, negative pressure could be exerted on Nurbank's ratings due to a significant decline in liquidity or a substantial further deterioration of the bank's asset quality. Moody's last rating action on Nurbank was on 1 July 2010 when the bank's long-term foreign and local currency bank deposit ratings, and foreign and local currency senior unsecured debt ratings were downgraded to B3 from B2, and the outlook on the deposit and debt ratings was changed to stable from negative. The principal methodologies used in rating Nurbank were Moody's «Bank Financial Strength Ratings: Global Methodology», published in February 2007, and «Incorporation of Joint-Default Analysis into Moody's Bank Ratings: A Refined Methodology», published in March 2007. Headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Nurbank reported total consolidated audited assets of KZT297 billion (USD2.0 billion) at 31 December 2009, while IFRS-compliant net income for 2009 amounted to KZT314 million (USD2.1 million). Moscow Maxim Bogdashkin Asst Vice President — Analyst Financial Institutions Group Moody's Eastern Europe LLC Telephone: +7 495 228 6060 Facsimile: +7 495 228 6091 Moscow Yaroslav Sovgyra VP — Senior Credit Officer Financial Institutions Group Moody's Eastern Europe LLC Telephone: +7 495 228 6060 Facsimile: +7 495 228 6091 Moody's Eastern Europe LLC 7th floor, Four Winds Plaza 21 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya St. Moscow 125047 Russia Telephone: +7 495 228 6060 Facsimile: +7 495 228 6091 [2011-02-01]

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